Wegene Ethiopian Foundation


On Going Projects

List of things we would like to do and things we are doing with your help….

  • relocation of families
  • repair mud / plastic homes
  • equip homes with necessities
  • distribute school supplies to local schools
  • sponsoring academic scholarships
  • library and computer access
  • tutoring services
Academic Scholarships WEF sponsors multiple scholarships per academic year candidates are identified by need, merit, and potential for success renewable yearly

  • local school partnerships
  • library and tutoring zone located in the WEF Learning Center
  • job-training seminars
  • career center available
  • job-pairing services
  • small business grants
Rebuilding Homes:
the key to end the poverty cycle
Our Caregivers work every step of the way to place our families in practical locations and living conditions. Caregivers check in with our families once a month in the pre-stages of becoming self-sufficient; after a family is declared self-sufficient, caregivers check-in once every 6 months

  • repair mud homes/plastic homes if savable/ practical
  • relocation of families if previous homes are not sustainable for their new lifestyle
  • equip homes with necessities
  • clothes and shoes are provided
  • monthly food supply provided
  • hygienic needs are addressed
Giving an Education:
the opening to break the poverty cycle
Our Caregivers are a resource for out sponsored students for any concerns or questions they may have regarding their learning curriculum or potential for WEF scholarships

  • all children of our sponsored families are enrolled in schooling
Career Development:
the way to end the poverty cycle
WEF strives to create sustainable community growth and development by offering vocational and skill training opportunities to the sponsored unprivileged family heads to reduce poverty, improve their living standards and create self-reliance in self-employment opportunities of the families. Some examples of the vocational training opportunities being offered to individuals and to family heads that are sponsored who are willing to acquire a training skills are:

  • Tailoring/ dress making skills
  • Knitting skills or Embroidery skills
  • Jewelry making
  • Food preparation cooking Classes
  • Basket weaving
  • Hair dressing
  • Tiling, Aluminum Profile work or Gypsum work
  • Nursing assistant classes
  • job-pairing accomplishments