Wegene Ethiopian Foundation


Here’s a look at a few of our accomplishments.

WEF has 14 years’ experience stabilizing families and conducting educational programs. WEF believes that no matter how hard and complicated life can be that everyone is capable of getting out of poverty as long as one is willing to work hard. Giving hope and support to a deprived family or person require a lot of patience, persistence, understanding and passion, which is what all WEF volunteers are committed to. Examples of WEF’s accomplishments since its inception include the following:

  • Enrolled and supported over 250 children in school including the students that have graduated from the WEF program.
  • Helped 18 families to become self-sufficient
  • Rescued 53 family units, 26 of which were homeless and 27 were at risk of dissolution, by providing them stability, capital, and hope.
  • Rebuilt and renovated multiple crumbling homes
  • Built an elementary school in a rural area where there was no school
  • Recruited multiple dedicated in-country care givers who understand the culture, the multiple languages, and the many dire needs of the families WEF sponsors.
  • Assisted all WEF college graduates to get quality education early in their elementary and high school years. These WEF students have done well in university and many have graduated with honors. Many have secured good paying jobs after graduation. They have become the first generation in their families to graduate from college and have become role models to their siblings and surrounding community. They in turn are tutoring, volunteering, and assisting WEF.
  • Found well-paying jobs for over 45 sponsored WEF family members
  • In 2012, WEF’s president was recognized by the U.S. White House as a “Champion of Change” and “Trailblazer in American Diaspora Communities”, which the White House defines as “a leader who is helping to build strong stronger neighborhoods in communities across the country, and are working to mobilize networks across borders to address global challenges”.
  • Rescued multiple homeless families and families at risk of dissolution by providing stability, capital, materials, and hope
  • Provided private scholarships to 30 children and teens
  • Provided 21 laptops to sponsored family members
  • Provided year-long tutoring sessions to many of the children
  • In 2011, WEF participated in the United States Secretary of State’s Global Diaspora Forum as a panelist for Education and Human Capital.
  • In 2011, WEF finished building an elementary school in a rural part of Ethiopia and inaugurated the school in February of 2011, where, previously, there was no school for children to attend
  • WEF’s work was highlighted by multiple media outlets including Tadias, an Ethiopian-American magazine; and EBS TV, an Ethiopian-American television network.
  • In 2012, the Wegene Youth Club (WYC), children of the Ethiopian diaspora created in 2006, was recognized by the West Springfield High School in Springfield, VA. WYC has also been successful in raising money and awareness for WEF’s cause. WYC’s yearly initiative to feed the homeless in Washington D.C. has also been recognized by many.
  • Collaborated with Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) since 2011.
  • Collaborated with Global Giving starting 2014.

Thank you to our 2016 Gala Platinum Level Sponsor: