Wegene Ethiopian Foundation


“Rebuilding Families…One Child At A Time”

Our mission is based on the philosophy that if hardworking but destitute families are given the opportunity, the tools and resources to improve their lives, they will be able to pull themselves out of the poverty cycle and give their children better educational opportunities and lead happy, healthy and productive lives.

The children of these families are deprived of basic human conditions, such as nutrition, health, care, and nurturing love that every child needs to survive at a young age. The conditions under which these children grow up in affect not only their immediate well-being, but also their future lives, which are largely in the hands of the family or community into which she or he is born.

This is why we at WEF focus on the entire family as a unit. We use a preventative approach to address these deprivations or underlying issues of poverty. Our program is unique in that it is designed to sponsor and support destitute family in their own home settings. Our caregivers are locals of Ethiopia and are committed to make our WEF sponsored families one of their own. They are the backbone of our organization, and this foundation aims to restore hope in these families, prevent them from being consistent victims of poverty, and enable them to become self-sufficient.