Wegene Ethiopian Foundation


Our Causes

Family Sponsorship

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WEF has a grass-root approach of supporting hardworking destitute families with children by providing assistance in their own homes and surroundings without uprooting them from their already existing network of community support. WEF uses an innovative integrated approach whereby designated local caretakers are assigned to each family. WEF aims to address the underlying issues of poverty, diseases, prostitution, begging, and the growing number of orphanages by implementing preventative interventions that focus on rebuilding the family structure.  Read More...

Wegene Knowledge Center

The Wegene Knowledge Center was opened in April 2016. WEF is seeking funds to fully furnish this Knowledge Center. Currently the Knowledge Center provides a library, computers, copiers, and printers to provide adequate resources to further the sponsored children’s educational opportunities. Multiple tutors aid struggling students from elementary school to high school in their preparation of the national exam. The center also provides college and job preparation services for university-bound students, unemployed and impoverished adults.  Read more...

Gabi Drive


This coming Holiday Season, you can help put a smile on the face of a Wegene child by sponsoring a Gabi/Blanket. Wegene Kids’ Club is currently collecting donations to buy 100 Gabi/blanket to our Wegene children back in Ethiopia. For most of our sponsored children, this will be the very first time they will own their own new Gabi or blanket in their whole life. Most of our families live in homes that lack sufficient heat and protection against cold.  Read more...

Laptops for Success


The benefit of laptop computers for education is immeasurable. Most of the schools our children attend have very few resources for modern education. Owning a laptop has become a critical tool for success for our high school and university level students. The math, science and language software programs that we provided along with the laptops have helped the students excel.  Read more...

Clothing Drive


Many of our sponsored children lack enough everyday clothing - your donation will help us buy socks, shoes, pants and shirts.

Small Business Grants


For family heads with small business ideas, such as basket weaving, Wegene will provide them with seed money to get their business started.

Career Development


WEF strives to create sustainable community growth and development by offering vocational and skill training opportunities to the sponsored unprivileged family heads to reduce poverty, improve their living standards and create self-reliance in self-employment opportunities of the families. Some examples of the vocational training opportunities being offered to individuals and to family heads that are sponsored who are willing to acquire a training skills are Read More...

Academic Scholarships


WEF sponsors multiple scholarships per academic year. Candidates are identified by need, merit, and potential for success, with renewable yearly scholarships available. Funds raised will go towards local school partnerships, and our library & tutoring zone located in the WEF Learning Center.  

Rebuilding Homes

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Many of our sponsored families are housed in either mud or plastic homes. This fund will go towards either repairing these comes, and equipping them with necessities, or a complete relocation for families.