Wegene Ethiopian Foundation


Other ways to give

We rely on volunteers and members, in the United States and Ethiopia, to provide various forms of assistance to deprived families and children in Ethiopia, including:

  • Providing vocational training and scholarships for indigent parents and children
  • Supplying educational materials to local schools
  • Payment of rent and distribution of blankets to the homeless
  • Organizing vaccination programs for children
  • Repairing homes where destitute families live
  • Sponsoring meal-a-day programs

Combined Federal Campaign

cfcnewWegene has now registered in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). Wegene’s assigned CFC No. is 16021 Please pass this great news to all the Federal government employees you know. Wegene’s assigned CFC No. is 16021






Corporate & Foundation Giving

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Change for Change Campaign

Our Wegene Youth Club (WYC) is currently sponsoring a “Change for Change” campaign, where youth and adults alike are encouraged to save spare quarters and insert them in our Change Can. One “Change for Change” can holds up to $100 in quarters, which can accomplish one of the following:

  • two sets of uniforms, shoe and basic necessities for a child for one year
  • six months of rent for one of our sponsored families
  • repair the roof and walls of a crumbling home for one of our sponsored families
  • two months of utilities bills for eight of our sponsored families
  • repair a toilet for three of our sponsored families
  • rebuild a mud kitchen for one of our sponsored families
  • one meal-a-day for ten of our sponsored children, for the next three months
  • furnish a home for one of our sponsored families
  • provide school supplies for three of our sponsored students during one school year
  • enroll four of our sponsored students into summer school

You can receive one of our Change for Change cans by emailing us at wegene1@yahoo.com!
One Gabi/Blanket for One Child Holiday Season Pledge

This coming Holiday Season, you can help put a smile on the face of a Wegene child by sponsoring a Gabi/Blanket. Our Wegene Youth Club is currently collecting donations to buy 100 Gabi/blanket to our Wegene children back in Ethiopia. For most of our sponsored children, this will be the very first time they will own their own new Gabi or blanket in their whole life. Most of our families live in homes that lack sufficient heat and protection against cold. Your gift of Gabi/blanket will provide much needed warmth and comfort. The joy they would feel when they receive the Gabi/Blanket will be indescribable. Even more, knowing that someone across the globe cares would mean more than you can imagine. If you would like to bless a Wegene child with a smile this holiday season, please fill the One Gabi/blanket for One Child pledge form and contact us at wegene1@yahoo.com. (form coming soon)

Laptops for Success Program

We are committed to providing education to all the children we sponsor. We consider education to be the most valuable asset for any child. By investing in education, we can give a gift that the children can cherish for the rest of their life. Wegene provides education by enrolling children from disadvantaged families into government or private schools. All of the expenses for tuition, meal, housing, uniform etc. are covered by WEF. WEF also provides additional learning opportunities for high school and college level students by providing tutors and computer access to help them increase their educational achievements. The benefit of laptop computers for education is immeasurable. Most of the schools our children attend have very few resources for modern education. Owning a laptop has become a critical tool for success for our high school and university level students. The math, science and language software programs that we provided along with the laptops have helped the students excel. Since these students are excelling academically, WEF is motivated more than ever to find individuals willing to sponsor a laptop for success.
Below are some examples of our “Laptops for Success Program”:

  • Abiye, who was our first lap top recipient, has graduated from college with honors and received a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science.
  • Tewodros is a 4th year Medical degree candidate who is making the best use of his donated laptop.
  • Bethelhem recently graduated with a Journalism degree and utilizes her laptop greatly.
  • Binyam is the other recipient of our laptop program. He is currently serving as a director of a school and is also enrolled at Addis Ababa University evening Teacher’s degree program. Binyam is excelling as a director at his work and as a student at the university.
  • Fekru is also another student who have received a laptop and utilized it to do his thesis. He graduated recently and received a Masters in Psychology.
    We have a list of children who are on waiting list to receive a laptop. If you would like to bless a child with a laptop gift, please send us an e-mail at wegene1@yahoo.com.

WEF Shop

Visit our online shop! 100% of the proceeds go to our sponsored families.