Wegene Ethiopian Foundation


Volunteer Corner

Step One: Become a member!

Click on “Be a Member” under our “Get Involved” tab!

Step Two: Attend our fundraisers!

Engage with us on a physical level. Every helping hand, whether small, large, youth, or adult, at our fundraisers helps us achieve our mission to help rebuild families.


Want to support our cause, but don’t have the time or ability to fundraise with us? Become a member of WEF! Members contribute $10 monthly towards our cause. Individuals can also help spread the word, participate in fundraisers, or volunteer in Ethiopia.


Go ahead, write an amazing story about WEF! Or if that’s too much work, just give us the advertising space in your newspaper, magazine, or website and we’ll do the rest to publize our work!        


We believe you’re never too young to start giving back. Youth from ages six to eighteen can become members of the Wegene Youth Club (WYC) and help fundraising with them! Become an active member of WYC, or even run for the WYC Board of Directors!

Corporate Support

Corporations and organizations can donate resources to our cause, sponsor a family or child, and accept one of our many scholarship packages.


Partner with us to maximize our resources, or simply help us reach your members!

Step Three: Share our mission!

Engage with us on a philosophical level. Share in our dreams, hopes, and visions of a new Ethiopia – one that is not dominated by the cycle of poverty. Share our mission to friends! Follow us on Instagram & Twitter @WegeneEF, and like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/WegeneEF!