Salon Revive Blog Post by Beza Dagnachew

On April 2nd, 2019, Wegene partnered with Salon Revive in an all-day fundraiser, in which the salon donated all of their profit to WEF. Throughout the day Wegene board members came in and out, in shifts, to talk to customers about WEF’s mission, educating them on what initiatives the profits of this fundraiser were actually going to. There was a special going at the salon, specific to the fundraiser, to make sure that the salon was booked the entire day! There were assorted snacks like fruit and cheese for people to enoy alongside some reading material on WEF’s history and current/future projects.

We are very thankful to Salon Revive and all of their beautiful hair dressers for aiding us in our mission to “Rebuild Families, One Child at a Time!” Thank you all for your genoristy in giving back to your community.  A special thank you to Yodit Girma, a friend of Wegene, for connecting us and serving as our point of contact for this fundraiser. We hope to do more partnerships like this in the future. Feel free to reach out to us if you have a local business and have a partnership in mind at [email protected]!

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