The Wegene Youth Club (WYC) is a subsection of the Wegene Ethiopian Foundation which works to build a more connected and engaged Ethiopian-American youth community in the Washington, D.C. metro area. In order to achieve this objective, we engage local youth to build knowledge in social responsibility and leadership – while having fun events for fellowship as well.

WYC works to build skills in social responsibility by:

  • Educating local youth in the poverty alleviation efforts that Wegene engages in
  • Focusing on impacts and outcomes of different fundraising efforts on Wegene’s mission
  • Engaging with our local community in various volunteering efforts to alleviate homelessness & poverty in the metro D.C. area
  • Emphasizing the importance of two-sided humanitarian efforts — it doesn’t just end at giving funds, but building long-lasting relationships of trust and understanding with our sponsored families

WYC works to build skills in leadership by:

  • Conducting bi-annual general body meetings where teamwork activities are conducted – Click here to see the last meeting!
  • Conducting various fundraising events throughout the year where members can volunteer and learn event management, hospitality, sales, marketing, and problem solving skills
  • Having leadership positions available for youth ages 13 on the WYC board, where they learn about organizational management
  • Mentoring and networking activities for youth to be connected with older Wegene members

Our Wegene Youth Club volunteering events and fundraisers are all organized by the WYC board & advisors. They all aim to highlight in building social responsibility and leadership, mentioned earlier.

Here are a few volunteering events our youth club organize throughout the year.

  • D.C. Homeless Feedings: Every winter, our youth club and Wegene members volunteer at various local D.C. homeless shelters. We provide PB&J sandwiches, tuna sandwiches, snacks, water, and basic necessities packages (toothbrushes, deodorants, socks, underwear, and more). Click here to see last winter’s events.
  • Vetran’s Day Cards: Every Vetran’s day, our youth club meets at a local northern Virginia elementary or middle school to make cards for our American veterans. Click here to see last year’s event.
  • Gardening Projects: Every spring, our youth club and Wegene members volunteer at different public schools or public housing areas for yard/garden restoration projects. Click here to see last year’s Boy’s Town planting event.

Here are a few fundraising events our youth club organize throughout the year.

  • Color Run 5K: Every fall, our youth club members run in the D.C. color run for an afternoon of healthy exercise and fundraising for Wegene! Click here to see last year’s event.
  • Annual Family Field Day: Every summer, our youth club members and families come out for a day of fun under the sun! Click here to see last year’s event.
  • Annual Brunch with Santa: Every December, Santa comes and visits the WYC early and joins us for brunch! Click here to see last year’s event.
  • Bake Sales: Every summer, our youth club members bake special goods and sell them outside various grocery stores to raise funds for Wegene. Click here to see the last bake sale event.
  • Movie Nights: Throughout the year, our youth club hosts different movie nights with pizza, popcorn, and other treats! Click here to see the last movie night event.
  • Drives: Each year, we sponsor many different drives. These include our “Laptops for Success” campaign, our “Gabi Drive”, our “Clothing Drive”, and our “Change for Change” campaign. Click here for our drive donation form.
  • Membership: We have a vast network of Wegene Youth Club members who pay $2 a month to help fund our mission. We also release annual newsletters to update our members on our upcoming events, meetings, and progress. Click here to become a Wegene Youth Club member.

Look below to see the latest blog posts on our Wegene Youth Club!

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Meet Our Youth Club Officers!

Liz Fikru, President

Natania Elias, VP of Internal Affairs

Anna Amha, VP of External Affairs

Nadia Amdemariam, VP of Communication and Marketing

Emnet Dagnachew, Communications Chair

Emnet Mekonnen, Marketing Chair

 Faven Melaku, Public Relations Chair

Halleluya Kaleb, Membership Engagement Comittee Chair

Mackie Solomon, Outreach Chair

Samara Alazar, Events Chair

Senait Michael, Fundraising Chair

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