Wednesday’s with WYC: Movie Night by Emnet Dagnachew

This past Wednesday my fellow Wegene Youth Club officials and I participated in a virtual movie night, one of the four events in our new virtual event series called  Wednesday’s with Wegene Youth club. In this series, the Wegene Youth Club officials go on zoom to interact with members of our community. Since COVID-19 has prohibited us from having our regular events, we created Wednesday with Wegene Youth Club. These events allow us to engage with the youth of our community and spread awareness around our mission. They also allow us to maintain our sense of community in these trying times. Our first virtual event was movie night that we held last Wednesday on April 29th, 2020. We went on Zoom and invited others to watch a movie with us. When everyone was added to the call we went around and introduced ourselves. Two options for a movie were given, and Karate Kid was the winner. We enjoyed the movie and it gave us a chance to have a fun time during this unprecedented time. It also allowed us the opportunity to meet new people who couldn’t necessarily attend our regular events, but wanted to support our cause and be included in our community. Our next event in our Wegene Youth Club series is Zoomba (Zoom Zumba) tonight May 6th, 2020. Make sure to join if you have children that would like to participate! Hope you and your families are all staying safe.

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