The Samuel Family Update From Yewebdar Tadease

Our family had a personal connection with some of Wegene families at their houses and at the Wegene’s tutor center in Addis Ababa. We had a touching experience when we visited the family of Amelwork (who lives at Tore Hayloch Sefer) where the mother is grieving about her daughter’s death while still having to take care of her sick husband. We were all in tears by the end of the visit. My kids were shocked on how small their home was and how the sick father was unable to get proper treatment for complications due to the surgery he had for kidney stone.

The Samuel family three girls had big dreams. One of them wanted to come to America and learn, and the other two would like to become a scientist and a Doctor. Although they don’t have many opportunities they are willing to learn with determination. We all could feel a connection, they all wanted good education and future like everybody else. Whenever they talked about their hopes and dreams their eyes filled with joy despite all the struggles they have in their lives. Let’s fill their eyes with joy once again by helping out Wegene Ethiopian Foundation…so children’s dreams of Keya, Hanna, Selam and Yetbarek (Amelework’s son) come true.

Thank you,

Yewebdar and family

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