Wegene at a Glance: Bay Area, California by Kelemework Yimam

In July, I had the pleasure of traveling to the Bay Area to educate the community about Wegene’s accomplishments and how they can contribute to our organization’s future goals. I was overwhelmed with joy when I observed the community’s desire to promote our mission and give back to the Ethiopian community. On behalf of all of us at Wegene, we sincerely thank the Bay Area community for their support and belief in our vision.

The feedback, donations, new memberships, and sponsorships that we received from the event will only help our organization grow and reach its full potential. The Bay Area’s generosity helped us successfully secure 5 new sponsorships for the children and families within our program. These sponsorships will provide direct funding to Wegene families for daily care and education costs.

Wegene has remained committed to our mission for 19+ years and our success can be seen through the stories of our sponsored families. Our organization would not be successful without the generous support of caring families like those we met in the Bay Area. Thank you again Bay Area, CA for your generous support and we look forward to our continued work together!

Our 2023 Gala Sponsors